Enterosorbent – environmentally-friendly, highly-effective peat-based veterinary agent for treatment and prevention of gastro-intestinal problems and organic/ non-organic substance poisoning, salts of heavy metals.


This agent is light-brown fine powder. It contains humic acids, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium; micro-elements (cuprum, zinc, manganese); vitamins, amino acids, natural bioactive peat compounds, which specify antibacterial, anti-toxic and binding properties.



Physico-chemical qualities:

Agent is produced from top sphagnum peat applying a proprietary process. It is a fine light-brown powder of 0.25 mm particles, acid-astringent taste, insoluble in water and organic solvants.


Organic enterosorbent compounds include:

easy hydrolysable and water soluble substances- 28.8-36.6%; bitumen- 3.68-4.14%; humic acids- 18.7-22.8%; fulvic acids-13-19%; cellulose and lignin-24-27%. The agent includes 8-10% of macro- and micro- elements. Calcium ratio is 7.85% in dry matter; sodium- 0.2%; iron – 500 mg/kg.

The agent also contains such micro-elements as zinc-5mg/l; cuprum- 4mg/kg; nickel- 1.8 mg/kg; scandium- 2.3 mg/kg; chrome- 8.8mg/kg; cobalt- 2.5 mg/kg; bromine-31 mg/kg; rubidium- 0.002 mg/kg; caesium- 0.8mg/kg; barium- 0.02 mg/kg; lantanium- 2.2mg/kg; and other rare earth metals in small amounts.

There are no cadmium, arsenic, selenium, strontium, stibium, wolframium, uranium in the agent (content lower determination limit).



Major advantages:

  • provides intensive absorption of pathogenic bacteria (pseudomonas aeruginosa, proteus vulgaris, salnomella, enteric bacterium) from the gastrointestinal tract;

  • reduces organic/ non-organic substances poisoning, as well as salts of heavy metals in pets;

  • reduces treatment course of diarrhea;

  • improves young-stock preservation;

  • provides environmentally-friendly animal products;

  • excludes antibiotic treatment.


Basic advantages for consumers:

  • convenient for application, low cost and agent dosage;

  • used as pasta, suspended in water;

  • helps to treat calves and piglets from diarrhea;

  • reduces treatment course of diarrhea;

  • excludes antibiotic treatment;

  • no acute and/or chronic toxicity

  • excludes / reduces animal poisoning by toxic fodder;

  • non-toxic and non-allergic response;

  • high animal survival rate:  95 – 100%;

  • increases production output of total animal products;

  • low cost on animal products;

  • enterprise profit growth.

Looking forward to cooperation!

Looking forward to cooperation!

Tel:  +7 903 955 14 88


Looking forward to cooperation!


Tel:  +7 903 955 14 88