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Looking forward to cooperation!

Looking forward to cooperation!

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Looking forward to cooperation!


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Natural actual feed supplement.


Кормовая добавка для животных и птиц


500 руб.

  • Иммуностимулирующее действие

  • Противовирусное действие

  • Обезболивающее действие

  • Активизирует и нормализует процессы пищеварения

Natural actual feed supplement.


Application: increasing productivity and conservation of animals and birds.


Humic food supplement “Humovet” has an integrated effect on animal organism:

  • fortifies immune system, improves stability to diseases and adverse factors (stress, temperature fall etc.);




  • activates and normalizes digestion processes;

  • improves digestion and uptake of feed, boosts animal appetite;

  • manifests hyperanalgetic effect;

  • possesses direct antiviral effect related to viruses of influenza, parainfluenza, herpes, wiluite horse encephalitis;

  • provides increasing productivity and animal protection from gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases: a) chicks-13-15%, b) piglets- 6-10%, c) calves – 25-50%;

  • improves preservation: a) chicks- 10-12%, b) piglets – 17-24%;

  • increases hen egg laying production: 10-12%

  • improves hen meat quality, increasing edible portion to 12-15%;

  • improves sperm production quality of servicing boars and bulls;

  • decreases calving interval and increases conception rate. 







Composition: humic, carbonic and amino acids, including key amino acids; macroelements (nitrogen, phosphorus, iron, calcium); microelements (zinc, cuprum, manganese and others); vitamin groups A, B1,B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, BC, E; nitrogen-free extractive substances, sugar, fats; protein.



Environmentally-friendly agent, no acute and/or chronic toxicity; excludes embryotoxic, immunotoxic, allergenic, mutagenic, culmulative effect.




Qualitative indicators of humic feed supplement “Humovet” compiles to the requirements TS 0392-017-00493929-2001.


Agent “Humovet” is used as feed supplement in pig and sheep breeding, poultry husbandry, as well as pets. Agent concentration – 1.0% to humic acid. “Humovet” is used secondary to full-component diet for animals and poultry in water, slop feed, milk, skimmed milk, herbal extracts, premixture, concentrate feed and hay.