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Looking forward to cooperation!

Looking forward to cooperation!

Tel:  +7 903 955 14 88

Looking forward to cooperation!


Tel:  +7 903 955 14 88


Natural actual feed supplement.


Удобрение из торфа


500 руб.

  • Повышает энергию прорастания и всхожесть семян

  • Ускоряет рост и развитие растений, их корневой системы и надземной массы

  • Способствует поступлению питательных веществ

  • Снижает содержание нитратов


To improve crop yield (harvest) and agriculture crop quality.



Treatment of seeds (soaking, sprouting), vegetables, soiling crops, ornamental fruit and berry bushes, flowers, potatoes; rooted (watering) and non-rooted vegetative plants.




Humic acids not less than 1%; amino acids (16 amino acids, including 8 key amino acids) – 17-141mg/l; vitamins A, E, group B- 0.02-0.8 ml/gr; macroelements- phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and iron- 5-380 mg/l; nitrogen- 2000 mg/l; microelements- cuprum, manganese, zinc- 0.15-2.3 mg/l.

Improved seed quality was observed.



  • sprouting and germination;

  • resistance to droughts, early frosts, abundance and /or lack of mineral fertilizers;

  • disease resistance;

  • crop yield (harvest) up to 40%;

  • preservation of potatoes and vegetables.



occurrence of blight brown patch, scab and other fungal diseases.


  • external nutrient enrichment;

  • better uptake of mineral fertilizers (supplement with nitrogenous fertilizer. DECREASES AMOUNT OF APPLIED NITROGENOUS FERTILIZER ITSELF- for 1 hectare-23% and INCREASED CROP YIELD- up to 80%);

  • development of firm disease-free seedlings;

  • formation of large fruits;

  • environmentally-friendly, tasty and vitamin rich products.


  • growth and development of root system and root weight;

  • anticipation of phenophase – blooming, fruit-bearing, ripening in 7-10 days;

recovering of weak and infected plants.

Improving agriculture product quality

Crop yield for different crops

Wheat from 10 to 30%

Winter rye- 30%

Linen flax- 15-25%

Potatoes- up to 35%

Cucumbers and other vegetables, flowers and berries under cover- up to 40%