Our Company “Sibburmetachim” is engaged in the extraction, production and sales distribution of high refined peat products based on the technology of the leading Siberian R&D Institute of Agriculture and Peat. This business activity is licensed (including all required documents). The Company's employees have Ph.D in Engineering Science and Chemistry and great experience in the peat industry sector. Our employees are involved in developing customized products and solving specified tasks for agriculture and environmental protection.


Based on current license, the program “Natural Peat Energy (NPE)” was launched.



NPE agents are used in :

  • agriculture;

  • livestock farming;

  • fish breeding in enclosed water bodies;

  • forest landscape restoration and megatropolis landscaping;

  • technogenic land restoration within coal-mining and metallurgical areas.



The Company is planning production output and launching new products in the following sectors:




  • medicine and cosmetology;

  • environmental protection and rectification of radio-contaminants;

  • civil and industry construction (environmentally-friendly construction materials);

  • pet care treatment (feed items and health-related accessories);

  • recultivation of fertile soil layers for cultivation of mushrooms and berries in hothouses.



These are not the only golden opportunities!



One of the most significant factors in peat extraction is its self-renewability. Its annual natural growth is 250-280 million tonnes in view of the average total reserves of more than 175 million tonnes within the Russian territory.



This is the most significant reserves in the world.

The majority of Russian pear reserves are located in Western Siberia and embraces

approximately more than 100 billion tonnes. It should be noted that Tomsk Oblast has the leading peat territory where Vasugan swamp is located and entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest swamp system in the world.


Based on updated technology, our experts are constantly working together to address challenges of converting peat into healthy and environmentally-friendly products.


Ecologically clean food, water, air,  healthy animal and human organisms……- all this can be provided by the peat industry!

Looking forward to cooperation!

Looking forward to cooperation!

Tel:  +7 903 955 14 88


Looking forward to cooperation!


Tel:  +7 903 955 14 88