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Looking forward to cooperation!


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Natural actual feed supplement.


сапропелевая грязь


99 руб.

  • Усиливает защитные свойства кожных покровов

  • Улучшает лимфо- и кровообращение

  • Обладает антиоксидантными свойствами (замедляет процесс старения)

  • Выводит из организма шлаки, токсины

Sapropel - century-old bottom sediments in freshwater bodies which formed from fossil aquatic vegetation, debris, planktons, as well as soil humus particles, containing significant amount of organic substances, humus, lignic-humus complex, carbohydrates, bitumen and other colloidal complexes.

Sapropel is used as a fertilizer in the following cases:

  • garden soil becomes more loose and well-textured for further soil hygienics;

  • improves such properties as absorption and moisture retaining;

  • increases humus substance content in top soil;

  • stimulates useful soil micro-flora process.



Sapropel – unique natural source of phosphorus, calcium, iron and humic acids which, in its turn,  furthers soil decontamination action. Besides, this source contains an enormous number of beneficial microorganisms which enrich the soil with bioactive substances.



Organic fertilizers could be added in the soil during planting seedlings and direct sowing, as well as during spudding through soil, i.e. at 2 to 8 kg per square meter of land area.  The deeper sapropel is spudded though top soil, the more effective the soil fertility is.



For example, if sapropel is spudded at the depth of 5-10 cm.,the amount of humus compounds increases, while the organic fertilizers enhances mineralization in the soil.

As a result, soil is enriched by supplementary organic potassium and phosphorus, which is completely imbibed into vegetables and green crops.




If sapropel is spudded into the soil at the shovel depth of 1.5, this would result in the restoration of the soil which was previously subjected to radiation, erosion and / or simply sick soil due to continuous exploitation. In this case, fertilizers are less active, however regular application enhances the harvest growth twice. Thus, sapropel could gradually convert poor low-productive soil into fertile soil.

Under specification standards,  applied sapropel acts for three years, while increasing the amount to 15-20 kg./ m², its effect lasts for 10-14 years.

Saprorel is applied in animal breeding.

Sapropel contains calcium– 2.5 mgr/kg,  phosphorous -  0.7 mgr/kg, crude protein – 6.8 gr / kg, nitrogen – 1.12gr / kg, carotene-  0.25 mgr/kg, vitamins – group B. Besides, sapropel contains cuprum, zinc, iron, cobalt and other vital macro- and micro- elements for animals.



Sapropel is effectively applied in animal breeding as a mineral-vitamin supplementary.

It promotes less cost per 8-fold gain owing to 10-15% fodder substitution. Applied sapropel improves the general physiological indices, such as feed intake, immunity and others, as well as the disease reduction and survival of livestock population rate. All in all, this is through the existing bioactive substances.



According to research results, not one disease-producing factor, typical for human and / or animal live sustaining activities, was found.  This, in its turn, reduces the expenses on medication.


Fodder sapropel has a positive effect on all the following physiological organism processes:

  • prevention of calves' and piglets' rachitis;

  • performance growth and body weight gain (BWG);

  • natural resistance to organism diseases;

  • promotion of reproductive hormones, enhancement of animal reproductive qualities and sexual development;

  • strong absorptive and bacteriologic properties in relation to microflora; intensification of leucocyte activity, etc.



Sapropel is added in animal and poultry fodder mixtures, according to the following daily dosage:

  • lactation cows – 2,5 kg, while in dry period – 1.5 to 1.9 kg; calves of 1 4 days to a month -   0.05kg, 1½ months – 0.1kg and 5½ months – 0.5kg;


  • gestating sows  - 2-3kg; feeding young-stock – 5gr / kg of body weight in summer and 10gr / kg in winter;

  • hens – 20-30gr; chicks of 15-20 days – 200 grams per 1 kg. of dry fodder.

Sapropel is applied in medicine

Therapeutic muds (sapropels) – natural ointment-textured mass, including water, mineral and organic substances. Muds formed on the stagnant fresh lake and swamp bottoms, as a result of incomplete decomposition of vegetation and animal organisms. This thin gelatinous mass has different colors – from dark grey to light brown. Sapropel composition embraces ferments, vitamins, hormones and other bioactive compounds; numerous microelements: calcium, phosphorous, iodine, cobalt, iron, cuprum promoting various physiological processes.



Sapropels also contain amino acids and carbohydrates. Sapropels are an environment for microorganisms, liberating antibiotics which, in its turn,  inhibit pathogene microbe actions. These muds have neuroreflex and neurohumoral effect on physiological organism processes.   The mechanism of mud action involves the thermal, chemical and mechanical effect.



Thermal effect is related to the fact that mud  has heat-transfer properties. The irritation of thermoreceptors initiates body temperature rise and energy potential of tissues when the heat -regulative mechanism activates, metabolic and oxidation-reduction processes intensify. Heat generation is accompanied by vasorelaxation, improved microcirculation, changing vascular membrane penetration and blood flow acceleration. Acceleration of biochemical processes, intensification of cell permeability and improvement of tissue blood supply, occurring under heat, stimulate cellular generation (bone, connective tissues and others).



Chemical effect is induced by the organic and inorganic substances penetrating through the skin and mucic into the blood and having a humoral effect on the vital organism functions.


Mechanical effect emerges during general peloid (mud) procedures, mud bathtubs and total applications. Mechanical pressure of soparel layer on skin and subjacent tissues enhances deeper thermal penetration.



Muds have expressed anti-inflammatory, absorbable, desensitizing, pain-relieving, trophic-regenerative effect which activate the neuroendocrinal system, improve normalization of organism reconstitution.



Mud applications accelerate commissure resolution, scars after diseases and trauma of central and peripheral nervous system, improve regeneration (restoration) of peripheral nerves, relieve tenderness of nerve stems, eliminate spasticity and stiffness of muscles, promote motor function recovery.  Total and local mud applications and bathtubs are used.



Treatment of musculo-skeletal system conditions: rheumatoid arthritis, dystrophic – metabolic polyarthritis, traumatic arthritis, bone fractures with delayed union, osteitis, periostitis, myositis, pertenditis, adhesion after surgical intervention.


Treatment of traumatic aftereffects and intoxication of central nervous system accompanied by paresis and hemiparesis in case of joint stiffness.


Treatment of peripheral nerve system conditions (subacute period).

Muds are applied in treating Bell's palsy, radicultis, nerve pain (neurodynia), polyradiculitis.


Treatment of respiratory system conditions: bronchial asthma in remission, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia.


Treatment of digestive system conditions: inflammatory disorders of gaster and intestines (out of exacerbation phase), chronic hepatitis, chronic cholecystitis, chronic pancreatitis.


Treatment of gynaecoloical pathology: chronic adnexitis, infertility.


Treatment of andropatghy: prostatitis, epididymitic, infertility.


Treatment of urological conditions: pyelocystitis, cystitis, cystodynia.


Treatment of upper respiratory tract and nasal pharyx conditions: sinus infection, frontal sinusitis, tonsillith, cochlear neuritis.


Treatment of skin conditions (dermatosis): acneiform rash (blackheads), itching  dermatosis, hidebound disease, nodal fever, hospital gangrene (bedsore).

Sapropel is used in cosmetic medicine

Tomsk Institute of Health Resort and Physico-therapy has developed the methods and recommendations in applying sapropel therapeutic muds.

World-leading cosmetic-perfumery companies have announced that therapeutic mud is number one in 21st -century cosmetics. Sapropel-based therapeutic masks and applications are used in the following cases:

  • removing blackheads and restoring water-lipid balance;

  • normalizing the function of head skin oil glands in cases of scurf and seborrhea;

  • improving withering face skin;

  • strengthening fingernails;

  • strengthening hair, especially in early baldness and intensive hair loss;

  • skin cleaning (removing freckles, pigmented spots, traces of uneven suntan, white spot disease);

  • improving blood circulation throughout body,  cellulite therapy;

  • rhytides effacement and preventing new wrinkle formations;

  • eliminating excessive sweating and foul foot smelling;

  • relieving pain in legs and soothing varicose veins.